One of my high school buddies was the star player on the basketball team.

And there was one play, in particular, he used over and over again to drive his success.

He’d dribble down the court, look left, fake right and then either shoot or drive down the lane for the bucket.

It wasn’t flashy. Wouldn’t have made the highlight reels of any sports show.

But it was wickedly efficient and effective.

We used to make fun of him about it. Told him he needed to change things up a bit cuz he was BORING to watch.

But the formula worked for him. So he kept using it over and over again.

The Power of a Having a Go To Formula

That’s the thing when you got a go-to formula like that. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just milk it for all it’s worth baby! 🙂

Why am I sharing this with you?

Cuz I was thinking about when reading about a video formula some of the most POPULAR YouTube content channels have been using with evil efficiency for years.

Channels like…

  • Buzzfeed
  • WatchMojo
  • Top Trending
  • Screen Rant

There’s ONE video formula, in particular, that’s been their go-to, bread-and-butter, slam dunk content type.

The Listicle Video Marketing Formula

It’s called the Listicle. And the combined view count from the videos (from just these few channels alone) has rocketed past the 7 billion view mark. (Yes, that’s Billion, with a “B”!)

The kind folks (with the awesome accents) over at Noble Samurai analyzed over 137 top viral videos. Each one of ‘em had over 5 million views.

And they’ve documented this WINNING formula in a way no one else has.

They’ve created an super simple, fill-in-the-blanks template for you to swipe and deploy to start building your own traffic pumping YouTube content empire.

This formula ain’t flashy. Probably isn’t sexy enough for most YouTube traffic gooroos to pay attention to.

But it’s wickedly effective.

To get your greedy hands on this winning formula, click here and head ye over to their site.

Check out the other tasty morsels they’ve compiled for you too while you’re there. If you do, you’ll NEVER have writer’s block when it comes to creating content for videos again.

Get it before it’s too late here…

Photo by varunkul01