Kids ask a TON of questions (at least when their heads aren’t buried in tablets and iPhones).

Interestingly, how many questions they ask each day varies by age and gender. And a survey a few years back crowned the Queens of the question asking kingdom…

… Four year old girls

According the survey, these cute, curious creatures asked their parents and average of 390 questions… a day!

Doing the math, if those kids are awake 14 hours each day, that’s almost 26 questions each hour.

Yep, about every other minute these inquisitive minds come up with something to ask about.

Oh, their poor mothers 😉

The Video Marketing Opportunity That Lies in the Questions People Ask

While the number of questions we ask may drop as we get older, we still ask a boatload of questions as adults.

We ask questions to people at work, at home, at social gathering, etc.

AND, more and more, we ask questions on our phones and computers by using sites like Google and YouTube.

Hundreds of millions of ‘em!

And that, my friends, presents a major opportunity for the sophisticated marketer.

Because the results (aka answers) Google and YouTube return when all these questions are fired at ‘em are only as good as the content that people have created to answer them.

Which is the video marketing opportunity I’m gonna suggest you tap into.

One of your goals as a content creator should be to find the RIGHT questions that your target audience need answerin’.

And to do it in an engaging way by using video.

For 0 – 10K View on YouTube

Using this strategy – answering the questions my client’s target audience was asking with entertaining videos – was one of the key factors that resulted in us going from 0 to 10,000+ views on their YouTube channel in a few months (and it was ALL organic traffic – no cheating by using YouTube advertising or pay for views to inflate the numbers in any way).

The great thing about making Question and Answer videos is that they’re incredibly easy to create, they rank well, and provide the perfect platform for you to establish yourself as the trusted Top Dog in your niche.

A Fill-In-The-Blank Template

And creating those video is even easier with the fill in the blanks templates the fine folks over at Noble Samurai have for you in their Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint.

Not only do they give you the templates. Oh no, dudes and dudettes. They do even better than that.

They also give you the secret on how to find the right questions to answer. The ones that your audience are asking that hold the key to driving bucketloads of traffic to your videos.

To get your copy of the Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint while they’re still available, just click this link and you’ll be transported there in a jiffy.

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