Why Tubifi

‘I run a small digital boutique agency. How can I use Tubifi?’

Offer your clients the most powerful marketing weapon

Video is the online spearhead. That’s beyond debate. But production, though cheaper than it’s ever been, is still expensive and very time consuming. Often budgets are beyond the means of many clients.

Well no more.

Content Samurai allows you, however tight your clients’ marketing wallets may be, to create high impact videos for their website, email campaigns and trade shows.

Easily repurpose your clients’ blog posts, articles, newsletter content, etc. into high quality videos that you can post to YouTube and other video sharing platforms. This will get many more eyeballs on your clients’ content and they’ll be thrilled!

Now isn’t that good business? For you and your clients!


‘I work for a large ad agency. What’s in it for me?’

Meet the perfect pitch tool.

Pitching for new business is a fact of agency life. But it’s time consuming, expensive and, sad to say, often fruitless.

But since it’s the lifeblood, you’re probably pushing the boat out and doing mood videos for multiple routes to convey your ideas. (‘Tell me something I don’t know’).

OK, here goes…

Content Samurai will help you do those videos faster, better and FAR less expensively. And with the cloning option, you can tweak the same videos for different prospects to make things even faster and easier for you.

It allows you to spend less time and money winning new business and have more time on keeping your existing clients happy.  Now that’s a ‘win-win’, isn’t it?


‘I’m a freelance creative. Sell me on Content Samurai’

Spend less time getting more business

Every freelancer is looking for more business in more markets. And who wouldn’t want to be doing more videos?

Content Samurai’s frictionless cloud-based platform gives you everything you need to make a video, all without leaving your browser. So you can create at the speed of thought.

Quickly and easily crank out high quality videos to promote your own services.

Or, add a video creation service to your offerings. Then you can easily repurpose your clients’ blog posts, articles, email newsletter content, etc. into high quality videos. They’ll be thrilled with the additional traffic and attention you’ll be getting from them through the videos you create!


‘I head up the marketing for a multi-national. Why Content Samurai?’

Prepare to save yourself a small (big) fortune.

You’re dealing with large budgets, right?

So before you spend millions on media, the creative had better be right. Right?

With Content Samurai’s platform you get direct access to a huge stock photo library which helps make it the ideal rapid prototyping tool. Plus you can easily add video and audio to your videos.

So now you and your agency can quickly create multiple videos to see which concepts resonate best with your audience. This allows you to quickly set up AB tests and keep your AB testing budgets way down. So you can get to market quicker and in so doing save yourself a fortune.