Getting great video has never been easier!

Our network of video creators will review your project, and provide concepts and price quotes.  Pay nothing unless you see a concept and price quote you like.

We’ll work with you to describe your video project in a Creative Brief that we will present to our Creative Network of hundreds of creative professionals.  The Creative Brief is an easy process that captures key descriptions of your marketing message, target audience, deadline and budget.  Equipped with that information, our creative network will provide you with multiple descriptions of video concepts and price quotes.  You’re in the driver’s seat, simply decide which video proposal you like the best.

We’ll then work with you and the video creator as you view the video draft coming together in our unique browser-based video editing platform.  You’ll be able to easily provide feedback for refinements to the video, and we’ll ensure the final video is completed according to plan.

Take a look at our Portfolio of work to see how other Tubifi clients have used the power of video to elevate their brands.

We look forward to talking with you about your project!  Please contact us at any of the following methods that you prefer:

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