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Create videos in the cloud

Our Clients need your help!

Tubifi is in an innovative video creation platform that provides an easy way for businesses to hire you to create impactful video marketing and advertising.

Businesses need video more than ever. Video is essential for businesses to be seen on mobile devices, to be shared across social media apps, to engage website visitors and email recipients, to rank higher in internet searches, to stand out at trade shows, and to advertise online.

Businesses need your help in creating video, and Tubifi is committed to making it easy for you to work with businesses craft high quality videos. We market your services to businesses so that you can spend more time doing what you love, making great video, and less time looking for clients!

Tubifi’s Cloud-based Platform

Tubifi’s video creation platform features an online video editor with integrated with industry leading video, audio, and still image content libraries. With millions of clips, it has everything you need to create high impact marketing video faster, easier and more affordably than ever before. The Tubifi Creative Network provides access to any talent you need to help with video creation; video editors, graphic artists, videographers, voiceover talent and more.

Join the Tubifi Creative Network

There’s no cost to join the Tubifi Creative Network! As soon as you register on the platform, you are available to businesses who can hire you to create video. Additionally, you are joining a creative community where you can meet like-minded people, show others your work, and see what other creative professionals are doing. Sign up today for a free Tubifi account. Post your profile on our Creative Community site, and start using the Tubifi online video editor with access to the world’s best libraries of stock video and audio content.

Get new business

The Tubifi Creative Network is a magnet for businesses that need you to create impactful videos for them. By subscribing to Tubifi and setting up a professional profile in our Creative Network, businesses looking for help creating their marketing videos will be able to see your credentials and contact you about helping them.

From first cut to final cut in minutes

When you use the Tubifi platform to create a video you can eliminate hours, days and weeks from your video production process. No more uploads, downloads, and shipping compressed files to collaborators and co-workers and waiting for approvals. Allow others to review your project drafts, and give you all their comments and approvals online, in real time. Then compress and publish your project directly to the web, or export to Final Cut Pro or other video editing tools for additional refinement. All from the online video editor window. It’s as easy as that.

Stock video, image and audio made easy, at last

There’s no need for expensive location shoots when you can search for stock footage from our library containing millions of video clips, images and audio tracks. Almost any clip you could want for marketing and advertising purposes is available from our partners’ libraries at a cost effective price. No more searching through multiple archives and multiple services for what you need. We have partnerships with the world’s leading stock footage providers and we make their content directly available to you through one easy search from within your browser. Current content partners include Getty Images, Pond5, Bigstock, KillerTracks, SmartSound, and Wavebreak Media. When you select stock footage, you can see it stream immediately without downloading or paying for anything. Preview it in context and see whether it works for you. As you add clips to and remove clips from your project, your shopping cart shows you a running total of the costs you would pay at checkout, so you can stay within your budget.

Get approval before you buy stock footage

Don’t buy your audio and video clips until you have reviewed it with your client to ensure they are happy. When you’ve decided exactly what you intend to use, buy the clips that are already in your timeline. Then Tubifi will replace the watermarked low-res clips with high-res clips in the cloud, while you do other things.

Sign up for free

A Tubifi Professional account is absolutely free except for the cost of stock footage you buy. You get a personal account, up to 100 gigabytes of free storage, and unlimited use of the online video editor.

Try Tubifi now, and be prepared to be amazed.